Jim Davis

Jim Davis

VP of Operations - Commence
Years in Position: 1
Years at ODC: 1
Years in the Industry: 31
Professional Experience

Jim oversees operations for the Commence brand, a wholly-owned division of ODC that builds homes for investors to sell (Learn more at www.commencelogistics.com). In his role, Jim leads purchasing, permitting, and construction activities, motivating his team to produce high quality homes that are delivered on-budget and on-time.

Jim’s team administers the construction of new family homes from lot-clear to Certificates of Occupancy. Throughout the process, Jim works to institute practices that improve efficiencies, decrease permitting times, decrease purchasing costs, and optimize construction times.

Leveraging ODC’s proprietary ERM software, CrewSuite, Jim and his team take a tech-forward, cutting edge approach to construction management. Jim has instituted automated tracking for permitting and construction progress that provides real-time visibility which empowers his team to practice safe, efficient homebuilding.

A three-decade veteran of residential construction, prior to ODC Jim led homebuilding teams for several large builders.

  • Nova Southeastern University – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Community College of the Air Force – Associate’s Degree
  • Former U.S. Air Force Officer
  • Florida Certified General Contractor
  • Florida Certified Residential Contractor
  • Florida Certified Roofing Contractor
  • Florida Certified Commercial Pool and Spa Contractor

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