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Our people are the cornerstone of our success.

And we don’t take that for granted. We’ve established a culture based on our purpose and core principles, where everyone has the chance to build from why on a personal level.

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This isn’t just a job. It’s a chance to make something of yourself by helping people build their lives. Our purpose—to build from why—reminds us of the impact we can make every day we come to work. It’s the driving force to be the best versions of ourselves, and to execute at the highest standards for our customers. Our core principles are what enable us to make it happen without sacrificing the best of who we are. And we know that’s a tall order. It’s why we strive to support our team members on the job site and during off hours with competitive pay, medical and dental insurance, 401k plan with generous company match and a range of other benefits that enable you to be at your best. With our team behind you, there’s no stopping you.

Core Principles

Never forget the why.

Do everything with intention. Stay focused on the bigger picture. Don’t look for the easy way. Look for the most impactful way. Never lose sight of the people behind every project.

Punch above your weight.

Average is for the mediocre. Stay hungry for challenge and steady in competition. Don’t forget where we came from. But strive for better.

Don’t be a jerk.

It’s a non-negotiable. There are plenty of smart, talented people in the world. We value those who never forget that no matter how high they climb, they are never above the rest.

Care more.

Show our customers, our contractors and each other that we value people above all. Don’t just pick up the phone. Take them to lunch. Make time to make connections.

Respect the data.

Make no mistake about it—data is king. It rules our decisions, guides our vision and it has our backs when things get rough.

Zoom out.

It’s easy to miss the bigger picture. As you’re focused on the construction of today, be mindful of what we’re building toward.

Just get stuff done.

With great power comes great responsibility. We’re counting on you and you’re counting on us to deliver—Every. Single. Day. Make it happen. No excuses.

This business is math and execution. The rest is just detail.

Don’t overcomplicate it. We have a good thing here. Trust the process. Trust each other. It’s ours to lose. We have what it takes to win.

Count on change.

This journey takes agility and adaptability. We win in times of change because we can pivot and lock in faster. Don’t just be good at adjusting. Be hungry for it.

Remember the dream.

The dream home, the dream life, this is what we really deliver. It’s labor and materials to us but to others, it’s home, where their biggest dreams are just beginning.

M/I Homes

“ODC is the best in the game at processes and data management. They know what’s happening on every one of our lots, in real time. It’s all about efficiency and it saves us time and money.”

Brent Bartholomew - Division President - MI Homes
Jones Homes USA

“ODC just gets it. They understand the needs and pressures of my side of the business, and meet me where I am. And they care about my employees and customers as much as I do.”

Robert Hutson - Owner - Jones Homes
Meritage Homes

“Our business is full of change orders, and ODC simply handles it. Their ability to pivot and be responsive has been a key to our success and the reason we’ve worked with them for so long.”

Brian Kittle - Division President - Meritage Homes

We care about people—those we work with, those we work for and the lives we touch along the way. So we build everything with the most enduring material possible: the why. That’s our purpose, and it’s what makes what we do matter even more.

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