Brian Montgomery

Brian Montgomery

President - Commence
Years in Position: 4
Years at ODC: 11
Years in the Industry: 20
Professional Experience

Brian is President of Commence, a wholly-owned division of ODC that builds homes for investors to sell (Learn more at Brian’s team of talented, hardworking professionals share the goal of helping Commence customers achieve as high of a return on their investment as possible, in the shortest amount of time manageable. Commence’s turnkey process handles every part of each build from permitting to the certificate of occupancy. All Commence’s investors have to do is own the land and sell the finished home.

Founded in 2020, Commence has enjoyed rapid growth under Brian’s leadership. He enjoys helping investors achieve their dreams of becoming successful residential real estate investors. He also enjoys developing his team. His proudest moments come when he gets to promote from within. ODC’s former receptionist is now Commence’s Purchasing Manager. A “green” Construction Manager who exhibited phenomenal skill and character from the start is now Commence’s Director of Construction.

Brian’s career began in sales at a company based in Shanghai, China. After returning to the U.S., Brian joined the homebuilding industry as an Assistant Superintendent. Following his field training, he moved into the office where he held various purchasing roles for production homebuilders.

  • University of Florida/University of Maastricht, the Netherlands – MBA
  • University of Florida – Bachelor’s Degree

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