Scale with the largest
shell contractor in
the Southeast.

From the footer to the truss, we build success.

We partner with the biggest homebuilders to construct nearly 9,000 homes each year, doing whatever it takes to get the job done right every time.

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A proprietary process that goes above and beyond.

We use iron-clad data to inform every decision, leveraging software and solutions that ensure a seamless and efficient build down to each yard of concrete poured.

Turnkey shell construction that’s anything but empty.

We don’t just build the framework. We work smarter, faster and more transparently to deliver shells on time and on budget.

Proudly building throughout Florida and the Carolinas.

On Our Numbers

We work smarter by trusting our process and knowing our data. Each project we take on is estimated, bid, executed and documented down to the individual yards of concrete poured, square footage of lumber installed and solid blocks laid.


as of Jul 20th, 2024
  • Yards of Concrete Poured
  • Sq. Ft. of Framing Installed
  • Solid Blocks Laid


  • Yards of Concrete Poured
  • Sq. Ft. of Framing Installed
  • Solid Blocks Laid
DR Horton America's Builder

“It’s not just one contact or rep at ODC, it’s a whole team, and each one of my team members has a point person. We always know who to call and count on.”

Darren Saltzberg - Regional President of Florida - DR Horton
Jones Homes USA

“ODC just gets it. They understand the needs and pressures of my side of the business, and meet me where I am. And they care about my employees and customers as much as I do.”

Robert Hutson - Owner - Jones Homes
M/I Homes

“ODC is the best in the game at processes and data management. They know what’s happening on every one of our lots, in real time. It’s all about efficiency and it saves us time and money.”

Brent Bartholomew - Division President - MI Homes
Meritage Homes

“Our business is full of change orders, and ODC simply handles it. Their ability to pivot and be responsive has been a key to our success and the reason we’ve worked with them for so long.”

Brian Kittle - Division President - Meritage Homes

We care about people—Those we work with, those we work for and the lives we touch along the way. So we build everything with the most enduring material possible: the why. That’s our purpose, and it’s what makes what we do matter even more.