Production Homebuilders

“ODC is absolutely committed to great service in the field, and they have the biggest shell construction operation around. They gladly meet whatever challenges we face, from blocking a dozen homes in one day to framing eighty in a month.”
— Rob Beal, Area Construction Manager, Meritage Homes

“The ODC team is extremely responsive to our construction needs. They are there whenever we need them and they get the job done right.”
–David Maksimovich, Purchasing Manager, Ryland Homes

Our valued customers trust us to build thousands of homes each year because ODC simply does whatever it takes to guarantee their success, on every job.

We insist on excellence in everything we do, from customer service to construction management, from the footer to the truss. We can thus guarantee the highest level of construction quality, period. Because we understand the cost of delays, we routinely honor our customers’ requests to schedule construction on less than a day’s notice, and we dispatch crews to service “emergency” calls. And because we understand that our customers are working hard to satisfy customers of their own, we are flexible and understanding when it comes to changes or additions.

Our ten-year record as Central Florida’s leading provider has earned us the region’s most experienced crews and field managers, who enable us to deliver success in the face of any logistical, scheduling or construction challenge. We’ve gained the loyalty and strong work ethic of our hundreds of crew members by playing fair; we strictly adhere to all of our legal obligations and actively maintain a culture of excellence in the field. Our customers can thus rest assured that they are doing so as well.

We’ve recently improved our ability to meet your needs with a new state-of-the-art materials and crew dispatch facility, new construction equipment, and sophisticated logistics management tools. And we’ve leveraged our purchasing power to generate savings for our customers. So we can deliver the greatest value at competitive prices.

ODC is eager to earn your business. Contact us to learn more or to submit requests for pricing.

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